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Living High on the Hog....or is that The Hag......

So in preparation for The White Hag's BOXSTRAVAGANZA, this coming saturday, I though to myself, lets look in the beer fridge as see if I had any White Hag in the stash, whilst resisting the temptation to open the festival box and have a few from it...

So I happened upon a tin of White Hag, Black Boar, never had one before, so at 10.2% thought to myself nice little night cap.....This beer is a belter.

From the first pour into the glass, you could really get the scent of the bourbon and on further inhalation I got the smell that I associate with opening a box of black magic chocolates on a christmas morning, the air of chocolate and coffee mixed with a slice of christmas cake or christmas pudding. On the tongue you get a light carb with lots of body and the oaky finish you would expect from a barrel aged stout. The 10.25 rears it head in the finish, but not so overpowering that you don't get the roasted barley and bittersweet chocolately goodness.

With a really mellow finish, the bitterness just helps the brain to decide, that the body needs more , so you duly oblige and take another sip...bliss

Me thinks this is one for the stash, to keep for those long winter nights , with a roaring fire.

As I finish this post, I have a glow in my cheeks and a nice mellow buzz from this belter...Job well done by The White Hag, and roll on Saturday 25th

PS forgive my photography skills, its a work in progress.........

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