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Welcome to our Website, the definitive guide (hopefully), and Blog for all things Irish Craft Breweries and craft beer scene. Here you will find the latest updates, exclusive info, and beer reviews and so much more. We’re based in County Down, but are always looking to grow and expand our spheres of influence. Feel free to explore the site and join our fun

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Hardworking  Irish Craft Breweries

Our Website lives thanks in large part to our awesome Irish Craft Breweries who work tirelessly producing Craft beer to rival the best in the world. Our amazing breweries are dedicated to continuing and expanding Irish Craft Beer around the world.  The person behind this website is Ciaran Cunningham, but more about me later...

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Ciaran Cunningham

Beer Drinker/Home Brewer/Blogger

What’s New?

Here’s What’s Happening

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New Website

17th July 2020

New Craft Beer Poster

17th July 2020

New Facebook Page

17th July 2020

A Bit About Us

Our mission at Craft Breweries of Ireland is to unite fans from around the world, in the beauty of the Irish Craft Beer Scene. We never rest on our laurels and are always looking to improve and expand our Beer Knowledge and Brewery Info.

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