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Afternoon Tea...she said

So as a follow-up post to my post about the Beer Hut Taproom room...we have an afternoon tea with a you may ask...well let me tell you...

So my wife is many things, a wife, a mother, a chef, a cake decorator, a business owner, but above all that she knows how to throw a party...

This being her birthday weekend and me being on my best behavior...we were to have an afternoon tea for a few of our social distancing friends in our distancing rules applied of course.

So with Processco duly opened and the best bone china dusted off, pinky fingers at the ready, we indulged in a diabetic coma-inducing range of sweet treats all made by DC as she is known...

followed by a range of waist increasing sandwiches that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the what has this to do with Irish Craft Breweries, well It just so happens that I found a better use for the teacup than putting the tea in it... Never had I craft beer served in the finest bone china before but it goes down rather well, even if the first beer I had out of it was a Siren/Lervig collab....' Much Ado about Muffin' as a drink it was ok, didn't get many blueberries off it but enjoyable enough.

I dispensed with the China and back to one of my favourite glasses for a round of Double Bunny from Kinnegar and as usual, wasn't disappointed....This monster of a beer, thick chewy juice bomb comes in quietly like a ninja hiding the ABV like an assassin hides his stilleto from sight and goes out like a boozy wreaking ball, a real showstopper of a brew and my kinda brew..

But with all good things, I have to pay the piper this morning, with the mother of all hangovers....

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