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Where have you been.....

So yes, its been a while since I have sat down to compose a blog post, simply reason the auld health took a scare and I had to stop everything that was bad for me for a while, and indeed for another while, but hopefully by Christmas I should be allow a least a small beer every now and then...So this post is a simple one, I created a wee video of the Irish Breweries, as a showcase if you will, I do hope you like it...COVID 19 is killing the economy and I really feel for the breweries, trying to keep the wolves from the door. I hope that they all survive as they are true artists and everyone needs a bit of Art in their lives, if nothing else to brighten up their day. So the message is simply #Shoplocal #SupportyourlocalBrewery

PS Breweries if i missed you in the video, let me know and I will reedit it

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