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Here he goes again....

So as any of you that know me, know my favorite brewery is Beer Hut Brewing Company in Kilkeel, yes my local brewery....yes #shoplocal....yes #supportyourown, but here is the thing I am a consumer and therefore I am free to choose, would I buy a product if I didn't like it... the short answer is no if it isn't up to scratch then no definitely not.

Craft beer is all about choice, to choose a beer that actually tastes of something and not a means to an end - getting hammered - ok that too....

With Beer Hut and thankfully most if not all local Craft Breweries, the yardstick is taste, now admittedly Craft Beer to some is an Alien world where the taste of the Beer is a step too far, ooh too bitter...oooh too strong.....ooooh too smelly, well for those people let them stick to meek multinational brands that are sold freezing cold, devoid of taste and just a means to the ultimate goal of getting hammered.

For those that love craft beers, the beer scene in Ireland is Vibrant, ok COVID 19 knocked all industries but from articles I have read the Craft Breweries were busy, ok not making a fortune ( Do they ever - a brewer once said) but holding their own in a market where every brewery had to sell online as the keg market died on its ass as the pubs were closed but between the off-licenses and the breweries, we never ran dry...

For the consumer it was great as more craft beers started to become available online, from hastily prepared online beer fridge is groaning at the volume of truly top-notch Irish Craft beer it now holds...And whilst I still enjoy trying beers from other countries, this Blog is about Irish Craft Beer, an industry not that old in real terms but starting to flourish in the last 10 years, however, I am sure there are craft brewers going back decades.

So whilst I will always enjoy other craft beer, it won't make it on to the Blog, unless as part of a festival offering or if I find a truly awe-inspiring beer that needs to be talked about.

I would ask if anyone has any suggestions, free free to contact the page and let me know and I will gladly take on board any advice given.

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