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Ohhh my aching head....wasn't that a party...could of been the whiskey...

What an evening of drink and merriment...Boxtravanganza was a great evening craic. It started at 4 pm and went on for 7 hours, some music ( The Mass (K) Band, were great) and lots of interviews with the breweries that provided the beer for the festival box for those lucky enough to get one.

I took it easy drinking 9 of the 24 beers in the box, I may do a few reviews of those beers in the coming days but I think I would be missing the point of the festival, all be it an online virtual festival, if all I did was review a few beers.

It was only the second 'Craft beer ' festival I have attended, but what I took from it was a sense of community and love of craft beer in general, the interviews were great and although most of the brewers names escape me at the time of writing, I would like to mention two in passing.....

... the first was one of the most irreverent interviews I have ever witnessed, the guy an Italian named 'Jampa' (excuse the spelling) from Birrificio Lambrate Brewery was hilarious and made for entertaining viewing, his colourful language may offend some, but his raw no-nonsense take on the 'coronavirus' was refreshing, to say the least, I could have listened to him all evening.

The second person nay persons were the Sierra Nevada godfathers of Craft beer Ken, Steve and Brian (Grossman). Whilst it wasn't the best of an interview ( think more to do with my consumption of beer than the actual interview), however, the mere fact that they linked into the live stream, gave an indication of how well connected The White Hag guys are in the industry, to have the ability to draw such breweries to our wee island.

I finished off the night with the Sierra Nevada - 'Life and Limb' , the 3rd iteration of an Ale brewed with Maple Syrup and Birch Syrup, at 10.2% a big hitter that was an excellent brew and the 10.2% ABV was hiding, in a..... couldn't see the wood for the trees.... kinda way. I thoroughly enjoyed it, now I will work my way through the rest of the box and see if in it hides some more solid beers....

Finally, after 7 hours of great entertainment I gently poured myself into my own bed, gone are the days of lying in a tent in some faraway field at a music festival, covered in mud praying that when you wake up some fecker hasn't decided to collapse the tent on you whilst you slept

Only 6 days to go until my favourite Brewery first Taproom since lockdown....roll on 3 pm Saturday 1st August 2020 at The Beer Hut Brewing Company...I wonder what they will be pouring...?

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