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No No what have i done...a bit Premature Mr C.

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I knew it, I tested the website and everything was working fine, and I thought to myself, yes Ciaran you might miss a few breweries and a few might have closed down, but all is good it won't be that many...oooooh how wrong was I. So in actual fact I missed more than a few and I added some who don't exist anymore and some have moved town on the map unbeknownst to the brewery themselves. How do I rectify this without a costly trip to the Graphic Designer.......

The best Plan I can come up with is another page on the Website in the short term, which will list the Breweries by county, and once I have enough to make a revision on the Map change it then.

Next mess, is the mobile website....oh boy....the Map doesn't work at all the way it should and no matter the tinkering with it, it is beyond my low skill level, it has some black computer magic at work, so until it is sorted, I will just have to deal with the mobile site not functioning grrrrr.

Plus side I got a good haul of Beer tonight from the South Down craft beer Mecca that is KWM Wines & Spirits , yes that is a bit Oxymoronic (I think) but trust me it has a great range of Craft beer and wine of course...

I am practising for next Saturday 25th virtual beer looking forward to it...

Cheers Ciaran

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1 comentário

20 de jul. de 2020

Great idea Ciaran, good luck with the site/blog etc. One slight thing to tweak in this post... KWM Wines & Spirits / ... not too many remember it being Kilkeel Wine Market these days! Only been 18 years since that particular rebrand! 😉

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